About LCT

The History of LCT

Lompoc Civic Theatre was formed in 1973 with the first performance of A Thousand Clowns. Since then, LCT has produced over 130 full length plays, musicals, one-act plays, dinner theaters, murder mystery parties, and variety shows.

LCT is a volunteer-only organization, dedicated to educating, entertaining and providing a creative outlet for the people of Lompoc and the surrounding cities. Over the years, LCT directors, actors, playwrights and crew members have come from all walks of life, including students, teachers, radio DJs, entrepreneurs, accountants, Air Force personnel and even a serving Lompoc Mayor just to name a few.

The Summer Workshops

LCT's summer workshops are designed to help develop the acting and/or directing skills of LCT members and provide an opportunity for people new to theater to find out if they have an interest in becoming involved - and maybe even discover a hidden talent. The workshops typically last one or two weeks, usually in June or July.

Workshops can included sessions on operation of lighting and sound equipment; vocal, movement and improvisational techniques for actors; stage management; director and producer training, and more.

At the end of the workshop sessions, directing hopefuls cast one act plays. The plays then enter a four to six week rehearsal period culminating in an evening of one acts we call the Summer Showcase. The performances (usually one or more over a single weekend) are open free to the public. Past Summer Showcases have included productions of Christopher Durang's An Actor's Nightmare, Visit From a Friend (an original script), scenes from Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Neil Simon's Plaza Suite in which each act was staged by a different director.

The one act plays provide the LCT Board with a way to "audition" new directors, and give new actors a chance to get their feet wet on shorter plays. The workshops are not offered every summer and are dependent on multiple factors, including the need for new directors and interest from LCT members and the public. Those interested in directing should contact LCT at 735-2281.

The LCT Board Members

LCT board members are nominated in late fall, and voted on at the December Membership meeting every year. Each board member serves a term of two years. Only current members in good standing are eligible to vote in board member elections, or run for a board position.

Current Board members are:

President..Larry McLellan
Vice-President..MaryLou Kerwood
Recording Secretary.. Melissa Pruitt
Treasurer..William Koseluk
Business Manager..Charles Sommer
Corresponding Secretary..Pat Roby
Members-at-Large..David Gaertig, Noël C. Shields
Past President..Marian C. Stave


Any LCT member can serve on a committee. There are a number of committees that research issues, provide support on projects, and assist the board and membership on a variety of issues. The play reading committee, for example, reads through plays and offers recommendations to the board for future productions.

P.O. Box 69
Lompoc, CA 93438
(805) 735-ACT1