More than Acting!

Community Theatre takes a village to put on, we need volunteers with various backgrounds to make the magic come to life. There are several behind the scenes positions available and we would love for you to join our family. If being on stage in front of an audience isn't for you check out the descriptions below and see if any strike your interest. If you find something you'd like to be a part of, please contact us!


Cue the music! Cue the sound effects! Make sure the audio happens when its supposed to happen. The sound person brings a certain richness to any production to give it that added punch that is needed. 


The Lompoc Civic Theatre has access to a modern light board and an on-the-go light set-up that is great to learn on. Play with mood-lighting, focus, spots, color, etc. Pick up queues from the script, make notes, and turn your ideas into the best possible production ever.

Set Construction

Every stage worth its salt has an extremely valuable handyman, design and build sets based on the script and your imagination. Directors and producers offer valuable insights with Lompoc Civic Theatre's 40+ years of experience.  See your creations come to life and the magic of the stage.


Like to paint? Like to make crafts? Every stage production needs a tremendous number of props, scene backdrops, and knick-knacks that need fabrication or painting or both. Be creative and have your creations live on stage, even if you fear being out there yourself.


Measure twice, cut once! Costumes are procured through personal wardrobes, thrift stores, Lompoc Live, or created by an awesome volunteer! Stitching, Draping, Designing, there is a lot of space for a valued costume person in any community  theatre!


Do you like playing with makeup? Do you like dolling up your friends? How about making complete strangers look scary beyond all reason? A makeup artist provides for dramatic looks to the actors, and helps bring expression to their faces under intense stage lighting, 

Stage Manager

Can you get other people motivated? Do you like to keep on time, punctual, and prompt service? A Stage Manager keeps the show running, the boots on the ground, informing tech-crew and actors when curtain call is, who needs to be on stage, and what is coming up so the show moves smoothly. Stage Managers are awesome people, LCT ♥ YOU!


Are you a creative person who is very good at seeing what you read? A director must have remarkable social and management skills, its not easy to pick up and thankfully Lompoc Civic Theatre offers Summer Director Workshops for you to be able to test the waters if Directing is right for you. Come play with us!


Keep the show going, get it advertised and promoted, and more importantly, make sure the schedule is adhered to. Everyone in Community Theatre are volunteers, and as such, sometimes real life gets in the way, we get busy, we forget that third rehearsal on an idle Tuesday. Producers keep us together, they see the magic happening and want the show to succeed (as we all do). Producers help make the director not want to quit, see the overall vision, and keep morale up.


There are several other Technical and management positions I have forgotten, but as you can see above, it really does take a LOT of people to put a show on, it isn't just about the actors, we would be honored to have you come play with us and be a part of our Theatre Family.